Vim 作者 Bram Moolenaar 访谈


今天看到善用佳软翻译的《Vim作者访谈 2022》,就看了下,感觉还挺好玩的,有两点比较有共鸣吧:

  • 工程师以务实为先,选用能得到最好结果的工具和技术。话说我刚开始做软件也是出于对好软件的喜爱吧,包括像 Vim 这样非常强大的工具。

Software development is much more of a craft. And a craftsman uses whatever tools he thinks will get the best result, no matter if they are what everybody else is using or something different. And a good craftsman makes his own tools when needed.

  • 作息时间规律不熬夜,休息好以后往往第二天早上精力充沛了,会对问题有个全新的处理办法。这也是我个人的习惯吧,当然对别人不一定是这样的。

Most people have their most productive time in the morning, therefore it is much better to set a hard time limit on when to stop. Perhaps make a note of where you were, then relax a bit, get some good sleep and continue the next morning. Quite often the problem that you were stuck with yesterday suddenly gets a new insight and you know what to do. The term “sleep on it” actually works, at least it does for me.